Couses for successful marketing that include Audience Building, Creating the right Content, and DIY Graphics that Shine. 

Create Your Own Digital Vision Board

Learn how easy it is to create your own vision board for 2018 that you'll keep front and center as a saved backdrop on your...

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Social Media Marketing: Get In Front of The Audience Who Needs Exactly What You Offer

Learn the first steps you must take to grow followers and attract quality leads on social media who genuinely need the products and services you...

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Social Media Marketing: Create Content that Cultivates Conversation and Captivates Clients!

Once you know exactly who your audience is and where to find them, then you can create engaging and intentional content. In this course I'll...

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The Mindful Woman: Building an Intentional Life

Balance is elusive to most of us moms. Work, marriage, family, friends, home, errands, finances, health ... self.  How does one woman create a life...

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DIY Graphics & Photography for Social Media Marketing

Beautiful photos and graphics are a must for a business to get noticed on social media. But not everyone feels equipped to create beautiful pictures...

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